How to Choose a Paving Contractor?

paving contractor

Choosing the right paving contractor is the most important factor in the quality of your final paving job.

These are the top 5 things to consider when choosing a paving contractor:

  1. Reputation/References – It may be difficult to determine a paving contractors reputation. A good contractor will have positive reviews, many job photos and an excellent rating with the BBB. Be sure to ask the contractor for references or addresses of other jobs they have done in your area.
  2. Warranty – Quality paving contractors stand by their work and back it with a 2 year warranty. If your contractor offers a 1 year warranty, no warranty or asks for extra money for warranty steer clear.
  3. Insurance and Workers Comp – Contractors are not required to carry liability coverage and many people may overlook the important of insurance coverage. Paving involves heavy machinery and accidents do happen. A minimum of 1 million liability is sufficient. Ask the pavement contractor for proof.
  4. BBB – The Better Business Bureau is an excellent resource when choosing any contractor. A contractor with an A+ rating and little to no complaints is your best bet. You can learn a lot about a contractor with a quick glance at the BBB website.
  5. Crew Experence – You can ask the contractor about their crews experience. A paving job is only as good as the crew that is installing it. Experienced contractors understand the importance of compaction density, grading and proper base preparation.

Sand Seal Paving excels in each of the above 5 categories. Our crew has over 60 years experience and we stand by all of our work. We want to ensure every customer receives a top quality job. Sand Seal Paving strives to be the best paving contractor servicing clients in the HRM and surrounding areas. Contact us to day for a free estimate!

paving contractor