Residential Driveway Paving

A new paved asphalt driveway adds functionality and curb appeal to your home. When installed correctly a new paved asphalt driveway will last for many years without issue. Sand Seal Paving provides Halifax driveway paving services as well as concrete driveway installation services.

A quality paving job begins with the proper base, our crew will ensure that all frost rocks are removed and that the base is constructed with care. Its whats underneath that counts!

Halifax Aspahlt Paving

Choosing the Right Halifax Asphalt Driveway Paving Contractor

There are many companies to choose from when looking to have your driveway paved, its important that you choose a reputable contractor that backs their work with a 2 year warranty. Our paving team has over 60 years combined experience in the paving industry. Paving your driveway is a large investment and we want to make sure you get the most out of it.



Benefits of choosing us for your Halifax Driveway Paving Job

  • Fast, free and detailed estimates — we will go over all of the options and address any potential issues, such as drainage or soft areas.
  • We carry full liability and workers compensation for our employees.
  • We pride ourselves on a quality job, we know that the majority of our work comes from referrals. Good work speaks for itself.
  • We back our asphalt paving work with a 2 year guarantee and we provide long term maintenance services to our customers at discount rates.

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Our Asphalt Paving History

Halifax Driveway PavingSand Seal Paving of Halifax started out as an asphalt repair and maintenance company. Therefore we have seen all of the issues that can lead to failed pavement, such as poor base preparation, improper asphalt thickness, and poor compaction. For 5 years prior to starting into the asphalt paving business,  our primary business was repairing these issues. We have learned from others mistakes and created our own standard of paving specifications by which we follow on every job. This ensures consistent quality in every job we do.

Service After The Sale

After we pave your asphalt driveway we will take the time to discus the long term maintenance of your new surface with you. One of the best and proven methods of maintaining your new asphalt surface is sealcoating. We use scientifically proven surface treatments that can double your pavements life and maintain its attractive appearance. We hope to maintain lasting relationships with every paving customer and client that we work with.

Our Halifax Driveway Paving Service Areas Include