Commercial Lot Paving

We provide commercial large scale paving services for developers, building owners, and project managers. We have the right equipment, experience and know how to pave any sized project. If your planning a new development or looking to have an existing commercial parking lot re paved you can trust that your project will be handled professionally and done to the highest standards. Services include new parking lot grading and paving, catch basin repairs, and re paving of existing parking lots.

Past Projects Highlights

  • Enterprise Rent a Car Portland St – 185 tons of asphalt, remove, re grade and re pave. Crew worked nights to remove asphalt during low traffic and re paved in one day without requiring business to close.
  • TD Bank Portland St – 330 tons of asphalt, removed, re grade and re pave. Night shift job, crew removed and re graded at night and re paved during the day.
  • 1898 St. Margaret’s Bay Road – 300 tons of asphalt, New development, crew provided sub grade work, supplied gravel completed final grade and paved.

What people have to say

Our clients

  • All Terrain Contracting
  • Fares and Co
  • WM Fares Construction
  • Lindsay Construction
  • Paramount Management
  • Enterprise Rent a Car
  • and many others